Design, uninterrupted #43

June 18th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of With earthen brown and light beige as primary colors, desaturated orange is used for section headers and link rollovers. The top half of the page hosts a slide show with portfolio highlights, with an attractive brushstroke texture applied to the background. All-caps right-aligned navigation menu blends into the texture, and provides simple rollover effects that use the primary palette colors. The main content area is a four column layout with a spanning section describing the company services. The custom typography used in the section subheaders can benefit from more consistent kerning – see “RA” pairs in “Branding” and “Interactive”).

The main content section is extended into the footer, using a gradually fading overlay. Consistent usage of colors for texts and rollover links is maintained in the footer section. This section can benefit from a better alignment of its grid columns and those of the main section, especially given the strong visual connection between the two (established by the overlay effect mentioned above).