Design, uninterrupted #42

June 17th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the previous design of by Kristof Orts (click the image for the full size view). Set in desaturated light brown with a fine noise background texture with a couple of diagonal highlights, the content floats around a pencil-drawn stylized self portrait. Both the portrait and the content text use a dark shade of brown color. A slightly lighter shade of the same color is used for the footer background, completing the minimal color palette. Saturated cerulean contrasts well with golden brown hues, and is used for the navigation menu rollover effects and highlights in the main description section. Three column layout for selected works continues in the footer section for links and contact information, bringing further geometric precision ardoun the hand drawn elements (envelope and banner ribbons). An oversized ampersand sign floating in the background hints at the rich typography, with custom fonts used for the main header and navigation menu subheaders (you can count three different ampersand glyphs).