Design, uninterrupted #40

June 15th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of, home of the popular web comic “The Brads“. Rich overlapping textured layers set the background of calm skies in the header and deep blue sea in the main and footer sections. A brush metal texture with roughly vertical orientation breaks large swaths of “boring” gradients. Outline illustrations of marine life in the footer section create a welcome distraction from the predominant design tenet of structuring a page as a collection of precise geometrical vertical and horizontal boxes. The page content is set in light blue color that borrows its brightness from the header section. While the footer links are set in light yellow and turn light orange on rollover, the big links in the top part use light blue foreground color. This inconsistency leads to uncertainty on what can and cannot be clicked. In addition, the content font could be a couple of points larger to improve readability.