Design, uninterrupted #37

June 8th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of Beautifully styled header features clean typography and precise baseline placement of the main logo that has the descenders bleed into the main content area. Toned colors and letterpress effects offset the text-heavy horizontal bars that frame each blog entry on both sides. The main logo, the header navigation elements and the links use theme-consistent colors for the default and rollover (where relevant) states.

Each blog entry has its own CSS stylesheet that creates a unique and yet consistent appearance maintained throughout the site. Entries such as Aperture 3, Moments and Flashback 2009 feature image-heavy layouts, each with its own theme, and its own twist on placing the images and flowing text. The largely grayscale comment grid has a few splashes of the theme foreground color on commenters’ names and the “Add comment” button. This last splash of color is then anchored by a dark monochrome footer that completes the visual palette of the site.