Design, uninterrupted #29

May 24th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of About a week ago the site was switched to a summertime bamboo theme, but i prefer the more colorful and polished appearance of the old design. It’s a simple and clean one page design that uses a strong and colorful palette of ribbons. Blurring the ribbons towards the bottom edge creates an illusion of a 3D space (something that is missing from the new design, where both foreground and background elements are in focus). This added dimension serves as a perfect backdrop for the full height image of the designer and bright “Personal” / “Business” headers that use reflection to clearly position them between the “back wall” and the designer figure.

A clean and balanced grid of social icons highlights the personal activities and serves as a portal to follow Basil’s activity on the web. The business side of the ribbons is a perfectly aligned mini-grid with bio blurb and professional snippets. A folded top-left link to the blog adds the final touch to the outstanding design.