Design, uninterrupted #23

May 11th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of that specializes in online ticket sales. The dark orange color used for links and the main action button is offset by the light desaturated sky blue background and dark slate blue used for the section subheaders. Clever use of stitch and zigzag elements as separators creates a realistic impression of a giant ticket stub – further reinforced by the crumpled paper texture used in the navigation menu and the main header section. The main section uses subtle gradients to add a little life around the text sections. The “about us” section uses multiple cross fading background layers that mesh perfectly together. The main section employs a precise three column layout maintained throughout all the subsections; “Sign up for Epic Event” is the only exception which is rather strange since its icon is the same size as the other two icons above it. I would spend a little bit more time on the main tagline (“The simple way to sell tickets online”) which suffers from rather sloppy kerning, especially in the last two words.