Design, uninterrupted #20

April 28th, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of Set in bright azure and metallic blue color scheme, it uses multiple overlaying translucent textures to offset the vivid colors of the large header section. The typographical layout of the header section is done with images to ensure the design fidelity across browsers and screen resolutions. The footer section features sponsor logos; monochrome effect creates a consistent and attractive area that is not overloaded with competing colors. The guider lines in the main section enforce the three-column layout, and the text snippets have plenty of white space around them.

The social links column can use a little more polish. Italicized sub-headers and pinkish glow effect feel disconnected from the rest of typography. The icons look disjointed and not normalized to have the same weight and color scheme. The rollover effects use gigantic rectangles of washed pink color, and the entire section should have received the same amount of attention and restraint as the footer section.