Design, uninterrupted #17

April 21st, 2010

Today’s post highlights the design of The site features intricate hand-drawn illustrations in the header and footer sections, using the primary dark brown, dark orange and desaturated bottle green colors. Hand-drawn illustrations are pervasive throughout the site – used as leading artwork for all blog entries, self-portrait in the “about me” section, section header icons and felt-tip backgrounds for the buttons. The same desaturated bottle green is used for all the links, with the exception of footer section headers which are not clickable. Dark orange is used when the mouse is hovering over the links, and for the footer section sub-headers. The hand-drawn theme is further reinforced by custom typography and unusual ligatures in the main site logo and all section headers. When you visit the site, move the mouse over the navigation menu (both header and footer) for nice animated rollover effects.