Release miscellania

April 14th, 2010

In addition to releasing Trident 1.2 and Substance 6.0, today i have released the following:

  • Laf-Plugin version 1.2 code named Landshark. This is used by Substance to find and load its plugins.
  • Laf-Widget version 5.0 code named Magnolia. This is used by Substance to add visual and behavioral features to specific component types.
  • Lightbeam version 1.1 code named Betelgeuse. This is used to analyze Substance performance and make sure there are no performance regressions.
  • Rainbow version 1.2 code named Blackstone. A small test application written with Alex Potochkin to test Substance, Flamingo and JXLayer.

An unfortunate omission is the Flamingo component suite. As much as i would have loved to be able to have Flamingo 5.0 join the release train today, it was not realistic given the time constraints. So, instead of delaying the releases of all the projects, i have decided to have Flamingo be developed in its own timeline. The final 6.0 release of Substance Flamingo is based on the latest 5.0dev daily drops of Flamingo core. As the work on Flamingo core continues, the interested applications will need to use daily builds of Substance and Substance Flamingo. My intent is to release Flamingo 5.0 together with Substance 6.1.