Sea Glass visuals as a Substance skin

November 7th, 2009

Some time has passed since Ken Orr has announced that he has teamed up with Kathryn Huxtable to work on a new Sea Glass look-and-feel for Swing applications, and i thought that it would be interesting to put Substance and its Jitterbug editor to the test.

Since i don’t have the full artwork for Sea Glass, I based the current implementation on the following mockup:

And this is how a Substance sample Sea Glass skin looks like after about half an hour of work:

The skin itself is a 122-line color scheme definition (created in Jitterbug) and about a 100 lines of Java code that associates the color schemes with the relevant control states and control visual areas. Note that this is not supposed to be a perfect reproduction of the target design, but more of an exploration of Substance skinning layer capabilities.