Gemini Skin – Inspiration Everywhere

September 29th, 2009

Gemini skin was introduced in just-released version 5.3 of Substance look-and-feel, and it is the first skin based completely on “offline” inspiration. Gemini was created from scratch in the Jitterbug color scheme editor from this image:

Gemini shoe

This is my hand holding one of my son’s shoes. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time with him lately, and these shoes are one of his favorites to drag around the house. It took me some time to realize that i really like the colors, and some more time to analyze the color combinations and translate them to the following Gemini visuals:

The black header is coming from soles, the dark blue toolbars are from the side strip, the gray footer is from the strips around the dark blue strip, and the light gray for controls is from the upper left area. And you can see where the bright yellow highlights are coming from.

Accidentally (or maybe not), a few days ago i’ve bought a couple of winter items that use very similar navy/gray/yellow color combination:

Gemini Sweater Socks

After researching the Internet for a while it appears that this color combination is quite popular now:

Gemini shoes

So there you go – just look at the everyday things, analyze what you like and why you like it, and use that inspiration in your UIs :)