New Graphite Aqua skin for Swing applications

September 9th, 2009

In addition to the usual bug fixes and getting the internal implementation ready for the changes coming in the next major release, Substance 5.3 (code-named Reykjavik) will introduce three new skins. Graphite Aqua is joining Magellan and Gemini; it is based on the existing Raven Graphite skins, adding the blue highights found in HUD windows in iPhoto 09. To use it in your application, you have the following options:

  • UIManager.setLookAndFeel(new SubstanceGraphiteAquaLookAndFeel())
  • UIManager.setLookAndFeel("")
  • SubstanceLookAndFeel.setSkin(new GraphiteAquaSkin())

Here are a few screenshots that show this new skin. A small frame with a tabbed pane and a few different controls:

Highlights on selected items in lists and trees:

A thumbnail of the main Substance test application (click for full-size view):

Error dialog from SwingX components:

Login dialog from SwingX components:

A few sliders:

As with all Substance core skins, this is work in progress and will be polished over time. The Graphite Aqua skin will be officially available in the next few days as part of the 5.3 release candidate.