Release candidate for Substance 5.1

January 25th, 2009

I am extremely pleased today to announce the availability of release candidate for version 5.1 of Substance look-and-feel (code-named Panama). The release notes for version 5.1 contain the detailed information on the contents of this release, and the migration guide describes two application-facing binary incompatibilities introduced in button shaper and highlight painter APIs.

This release includes the following:

Click on the button below to launch a signed WebStart application that shows the available Substance features.

The following sub-projects are also available as release candidates:

You are more than welcome to take Substance 5.1RC for a ride and report any problems in the project mailing lists, forums or issue tracker. The final release is scheduled for February 6. Only bugs will be fixed until that date.

Sample screenshots of Substance 5.1 in action: