Swing Links of the Week revived

January 13th, 2009

Not much time has passed since i’ve announced that the Swing link of the week trail on this blog has come to an end, and Jonathan Giles has decided to step in and continue posting theweekly round-up of the Swing related news.

You can find the first entry of the year on Jonathan’s blog, and he just started twittering about it. So, you’re more than welcome to subscribe to his feed and send your links his way (he has his e-mail on the first entry).

To aid Jonathan in his weekly quest, here are a few places that i used to collect the links:

  • dzone new links
  • java.net blogs
  • javablogs.com custom query (keyword Swing)
  • java.net desktop forums
  • java.sun.com desktop forums
  • javaposse google newsgroup
  • feeds of blogs previously features on the series