Substance 5.1 – polishing the Office Blue skin

January 10th, 2009

The Office Blue skin in Substance look-and-feel has already been reworked to be closer to the original Office 2007 visuals, and this work has continued over the last two weeks to provide an even better visual match.

Here is how the sample Flamingo ribbon application looked like under Office Blue two weeks ago:

and here is how it looks now:

The incomplete list of visual tweaks includes:

  • Glass subdued gradient on the title pane
  • More fidelity in glass gradients on active (rollover, selected, pressed, armed) buttons
  • More fidelity in border gradients
  • More fidelity and subdued glass gradient on the ribbon bands
  • Less contrast between text and arrow color on ribbon command buttons
  • Subdued foreground color of ribbon band footer panels
  • Better contrast between ribbon band content and ribbon band footer panel
  • Colorizing icons of disabled ribbon components

This is still work in progress, but in the meantime you’re welcome to take the latest 5.1dev drop of core Substance (code-named Panama) and the latest 5.1dev drop of Substance Flamingo plugin. Release candidate for Substance is scheduled for January 26 and the final release is scheduled for February 9.