Ice Age

January 5th, 2009

This has not been an easy decision to make, but unfortunately the reality sometimes interferes with our best intentions. I regrettably can no longer find time to continue maintaining Flamingo documentation and Swing Links of the Week trail on this blog.

About half a year ago our family has grown, and i have created an Amazon wishlist to allow the users of my projects to express their thanks and support the ongoing efforts being put into them. While i am thankful for the few gifts that i have received via this program (and one weird conversation about relative merits of one of the items on the list), this has not proven to be as sustainable as i hoped it to be.

Something has to go, and while documentation is still high on my list of priorities, i need to be realistic. The quasi-guiltware approach did not work, and Flamingo does not have (yet) enough users to justify the initial upfront investment in writing paid documentation (a-la JFreeChart). So, if you want to use Flamingo components (ribbon and friends), you will have to dig into the code.

The same goes for Swing Links of the Week. After more than a year of running this weekly trail, it is time to stop. You can find most of the links at DZone, JavaBlogs and forums. You’ll just have to spend a little bit more time doing so :)