Swing links of the week: December 21, 2008

December 21st, 2008

Here are some Swing links that you might have missed during the last week:

Finally, Mikael Grev has announced release 3.6.2 of MigLayout manager for Swing and SWT. Mikael has been vigorously pushing for inclusion of this project in the core JDK distribution, amassing an impressive number of 289 votes in the bug parade. I am not quite convinced that it will be a good match. Looking at the available release notes history (since June 08), i see quite a few bugs being fixed (even this very announcement was made on version 3.6.1, with a bug creeping in requiring another minor release), as well as improving support for IDE integration. This is a perfectly normal situation for any project, even when the APIs are frozen as far as the project developers are concerned. Would you want to forego quick bug fixing cycle for a larger audience? Would you want to risk the restrictions of JDK (never breaking the APIs) even you are positively sure right now that this is the final state? These and other related questions don’t have a definitive answer (to witness quite a few API disasters in the core JDK), and tomorrow’s interview (not related to MigLayout) will provide an interesting take.