Flamingo ribbon component: minimizing the ribbon

November 30th, 2008

The latest addition in the Flamingo component suite is support for minimizing the ribbon. This has been one of the items on the roadmap for version 4.0 (code named Fainnear), and is now available in the latest 4.0dev drop of Flamingo core and 5.1dev drop of Substance Flamingo plugin.

There are three ways to minimize and un-minimize the ribbon:

  • Application code can use the new JRibbon.setMinimized API
  • User double-clicking a task toggle button
  • User pressing Ctrl+F1 key stroke

Here is a screenshot of a ribbon when it is not minimized:

When the ribbon is minimized in one of the three ways mentioned above, only the task bar and the task toggle button bar are shown. The ribbon bands of the currently selected ribbon task are hidden. Note how the main content of the frame (delineated with the Word-style ruler bands) gets expanded to occupy the area of the ribbon bands:

When a task toggle button is single-clicked, the ribbon bands of the clicked task are shown in a popup overlay without shifting the main content area down:

The ribbon tasks in the popup overlay have the same cascading popup support as the usual (non-minimized) ribbon tasks. Here is a extended popup menu of a Popup button from the first ribbon task:

If you want to see the scrolling in action under the core look-and-feels, run the following WebStart demo:

If you want to see this functionality under Substance, run the following WebStart demo:

If you want to test the new functionality in your applications, you would need the following (the last two only for applications running under Substance look-and-feel):

Your feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.