20 design blogs for UI developers

November 6th, 2008

This blog is about putting pixels on screen. If i need to choose between getting a bunch of finished images from a graphics designer and hand coding each and every pixels in the code, you know my choice. We must, however, acknowledge our limitations and strive to better our understanding of what a good design is. Only exceedingly few have equal talent and passion for both design and programming, but the rest of us can at least try and learn from the best minds on the other side of “the fence”.

Below you will find links to twenty design sites and blogs that i currently follow. Unfortunately, the lack of time has me use an RSS reader, and as such a site that does not publish full article feeds is simply not going to make it. This might weed out a few good sites, but that is an unfortunate consequence of the information deluge age that we are living in.

The sites are listed alphabetically – click on the banner to visit the site and to subscribe to its RSS feed.

1. 84 Bytes

2. Architectures of Control

3. Beeex

4. Boxes and Arrows

5. Designm.ag

6. Digital Artist Toolbox

7. Freelance Folder

8. Fuel Your Creativity

9. Functioning Form

10. Function Web Design

11. Graphics Design Blog

12. Hongkiat

13. Just Creative Design

14. Observin

15. Outlaw Design Blog

16. Positive Space

17. Smashing Magazine

18. Usability Counts

19. Usability Post

20. Vandelay Design