Discontinuing Substance NetBeans module

August 25th, 2008

Starting today i am discontinuing support for Substance NetBeans module, including fixing bugs and synchronizing the module with Substance core libraries.

The development of this module was greatly facilitated in the beginning by Tim Boudreau, but unfortunately was met with less than lukewarm support from the NetBeans team (see comments on issue 66335 and issue 67463). A little over a year ago this module has been broken by the changes scheduled to appear in NetBeans 6.0, but those changes had been rolled back a month later, making the module usable once again. However, the core NetBeans code has not evolved to make it more friendly to third-party look-and-feels, and the development of Substance module has not been as productive and fulfilling as it could have been (as indeed was the case with SwingX).

Today marks the last day that this module is supported by me. It has been removed from the NetBeans plugin portal, and last sync with the core Substance library has been uploaded to the Documents & Files section of the java.net project. If you are interested in taking over the maintenance and development of this project on java.net, feel free to contact me at kirillcool [.at.] yahoo [@at@] com.