Starting work on Substance plugin for JIDE components

June 30th, 2008

This week i have started working on providing Substance plugin for the JIDE common layer components. The main project page contains the overview information on using the early drops of this plugin, and you will need the latest 5.0dev drop of the core library to use the early drops.

At the present time the plugin contains the UI delegate for the JideButton component, complete with what you expect from the Substance look-and-feel:

  • Full animations on rollovers, selections, press etc, including animating both background and foreground colors.
  • Support for high-DPI mode, including margins, insets and borders.
  • Support for decoration areas.
  • Animating the text underline on rollovers over hyperlink-styled buttons.

Here is a screenshot of JideButton components under different settings (click to see full view):

Here is a short video of rollover effects over different button styles. Note the animations on the background colors, translucency and the text underline of hyperlink-styled buttons:

And here is a short video of the rollover effects under the core Magma skin. Note how the foreground colors are animated properly (including the always-white foreground on hyperlink-styled buttons that never show the background fill):

This is just a preview of the features that will be eventually available in the final plugin release. The goal is to provide the full range of Substance functionality for all JIDE common layer components.