Substance Extras pack – part II

June 24th, 2008

The new Extras pack for Substance look-and-feel provides additional settings on top of the functionality available in the core library. The previous entry showed screenshots of color schemes, watermarks and skins from the Extras pack, and this entry will talk about button shapers, mixed color scheme and mixed gradient painters.

Additional button shapers can be found in the <font color="darkblue">org.jvnet.substance.shaperpack</font> package. The screenshot below shows the available button shapers.

The <font color="darkblue">org.jvnet.substance.colorschemepack.MixColorScheme</font> provides support for creating a color scheme based on more than one base color schemes. The <font color="darkblue">org.jvnet.substance.painterpack.gradient.MixDelegateGradientPainter</font> allows wrapping an existing gradient painter to support mixed color schemes. The sample screenshot from the Mango skin (note the painting of scroll bar thumbs, checkmarks of radio buttons and checkboxes and the top part of the selected tab):