Substance Extras pack

June 21st, 2008

As specified in the roadmap for version 5.0 of Substance look-and-feel, a number of the existing Substance plugins have been consolidated into the Extras pack. This pack contains additional color schemes, watermarks and skins, as well as a mixed color scheme and a mixed gradient painter. The documentation for the Extras pack contains the information about the available features, and you can run the WebStart application below and select the skins from the “Skins” menu.

The plugin itself can be downloaded here, and once you add it to your classpath, the new skins will be available to the applications via the existing Substance APIs. Here are some screenshots of additional color schemes availablein the Extras pack:

Here are a few additional watermarks available in the Extras pack. Note that in version 4.3 these were available in the core distribution. Since using watermarks introduces about 25-45% performance overhead, these have been moved from the core library.

And here are the additional skins