Swing links of the week: May 18, 2008

May 18th, 2008

Here are some Swing links that you might have missed during this week:

  • This subject seems to come up every now and then over the last couple of years. Supporting CSS in Swing has been mentioned in Ben Galbraith‘s presentation at last year’s JavaOne, Eitan Suez‘s JMatter has a CSS module in it, and the naming conventions for styles in Nimbus is very similar in concept to CSS. Now, there is a new project on SourceForge led by Angelo Zerr and Jawher Moussa that aims to provide a toolkit for declaratively building UIs. The Tk-UI project has, among the rest, an engine for applying CSS styles on Swing and SWT components.
  • Danno Ferrin has published the Groovy Twitter client from his JavaOne session. The entry has a link to the WebStart demo and the sources. The application itself uses the Nimbus look-and-feel if it is available.
  • A new section has been added to the release notes of the new plugin in JDK 6u10. It describes the functionality of dragging the applets to the desktop. Unlike the existing lifecycle methods defined in the Applet and JApplet methods, the relevant APIs are not APIs at all. So, pay very close attention to how you name your methods, because the compiler and the IDE won’t help you.
  • Dmitry Bondarenko has written an official guide to the translucent and shaped windows in 6u10.  Not much in the way of new information for those readers that saw my earlier introduction entry in February, the follow up on soft clipping and per-pixel translucency entry in March, and the java.net article on more advanced UI tricks. However, having the official Sun documentation gives a more prominent status to this functionality, raising the predictable question from Eric Burke – is it, or is it not a new official API?
  • Alex Ruiz points to the new NetBeans plugin written by Geertjan Wielenga. This plugin wraps the FEST-Swing UI testing framework and allows easy creation of UI tests from within NetBeans.
  • Christopher Deckers has announced the new release 0.9.5 of DJ Native Swing project that aims to provide integration of native components, such as web browser, Flash player, multimedia player and HTML editor into Swing applications.
  • Finally, Jonathan Schwartz lays out his plans for JavaFX. This is the first (at least in my memory) time that he is talking explicitly about Java on client.