JavaOne session on high resolution monitors

April 30th, 2008

I have the honor to be joined by Mike Swingler (Swing / AWT lead for Apple VM) and to present an evening session on high resolution monitors at this year’s JavaOne. This has been in making since even before last year’s conference, and i am grateful to Jeff Dinkins that put me in touch with Mike.

Here is a short overview of what we’re going to talk about:

  • Introduction – general overview of the field, including terms (pixels, points and in between), a few examples of high-resolution monitors and the reasons why this matters.
  • Broken applications – visual artifacts in mainstream applications running in high resolution mode on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu Gnome and Mac OS X.
  • Scaling modes – three main modes that different UI toolkits (such as WPF and Cocoa) provide for scaling the UIs. Each one has its advantages and requirements from the UI developers.
  • Testing your app – how to test your application under high resolution mode on the usual displays.
  • Swing tips – things to do if you’re developing a Swing application.

Mike brings in his expertise from the framework perspective (and very interesting things available in Leopard for both Cocoa and Swing), and i will be talking about the low-level details of scaling application visuals, touching on such subjects as icons, control visuals, layout metrics and more. If you’re interested in this topic, please join us next Tuesday at 9:30 PM. The session number is BOF-5037 and it will be held in Hall E 135. See you then.