Swing links of the week: January 13, 2008

January 13th, 2008

Here are some Swing links that you might have missed during this week:

  • Alex Ruiz writes about the release 0.8 of FEST-Swing library for functional Swing GUI testing. It features a considerable number of new functionality and seems to be progressing smoothly towards the first production-ready release.
  • Andres Almiray writes about release 0.4.4 of GraphicsBuilder, bringing a variety of new features from Swing to Groovy.
  • Dave Gilbert writes about release 1.0.9 of the JFreeChart chart library, mainly featuring bug fixes and small API improvements. I wonder what happened to the 3D support that has been announced last July. Is there a big demand for 3D charts? Is it worth the development effort?
  • Peter Weishapl writes about updates to the xswingx project that brings advanced capabilities to text fields, including prompts, buddy icons and search fields.
  • Jeremy Wood (java.net nick mickleness) has an interesting project on java.net for slideshow transitions. It features an impressive array of very smooth and rich transitions that can be employed in slideshow components.
  • Sun’s marketing machine seems to pick up the steam on the application framework and beans binding projects (even though the technical leads seem to be currently devoting their resources to the JavaFX related activities). Tech Day Events blog has a short overview of these two projects, while Frank Sommers interviews Shannon Hickey on the beans binding at Artima.
  • And speaking of the main technical lead for the application framework JSR, Hans Muller kicks off the series on the new Scene Graph project, showing a few very basic capabilities. Chet Haase writes about the next evolution of the Timing Framework that is undergoing very significant changes for its inclusion in Scene Graph (and probably JavaFX / Mustang Update N). The first part talks about the API changes, and the second part introduces the new functionality.
  • Tom Schindl writes about the first version of the UFacekit project that aims to bring a common layer on top of different UI toolkits, including GWT, SWT / JFace and Swing. This is a commendable effort, and it would be very interesting to see how the authors (Tom and James Strachan) are going to tackle the functionality missing in some of the UI toolkits. Would that be the least common denominator, optional extensions (with querying the toolkit capability), emulation of missing features or something else? Definitely worth tracking.