Using visual UI designers

December 7th, 2007

If you ever needed an argument against using a visual UI designer that enforces any logic on the code it creates, here it is:

In JBuilder 2007 CodeGear/Borland has completely dropped GUI editing support for the jbinit() stuff. So anyone who needs to update their old code need to rewrite it from scratch (which is a major risk) or handcraft it.

By show of hands – who would have thought in 1997 2000 (when JBuilder pretty much ruled the Java IDE landscape) that this could happen? Are you sure that NetBeans will outlive all the code that is being created by it as we speak? And by the way, the only complete visual UI editor that doesn’t impose any logic on the code it edits and is able to parse out even the most complicated custom forms that i have thrown at it comes from Instantiations. Now if only they could reduce the memory footprint from 400MB to something a little bit more realistic…