Swing links of the week: December 2, 2007

December 2nd, 2007

Here are some Swing links that you might have missed during the last two weeks:

  • Continuing the theme of Swing-“powered” applications running on JVM but written in another language, Shawn Crowley addresses the viability of JRuby as a realistic candidate for authoring complex desktop applications. It’s great to see that his experience is largely positive and he has no regrets in choosing this platform.
  • Tim Dalton continues his series on building GUIs in Scala. This time, the “usual suspect” of UI demoes – a simple calculator.
  • And to top off this part, Andres Almiray revisits his library of Groovy builders as the Groovy 1.1 release approaches. The entry on GraphicsBuilder is talking about adding mouse and keyboard support, and the entry on JideBuilder makes sure that it is updated and functional. The last entry is on GraphicsPad, which begs just two questions – what is it, and where are the screenshots?
  • Jan Erik Paulsen continues his experiments with Photoshop Express clone, and is trying to come up with a new Substance-based skin. Dubbed “Titanium White”, it looks quite similar to the core Business skin from Substance with round button shaper.
  • Alex Potochkin has technical details on the Rainbow application that we used for our join JavaOne presentation last year. As you can see, this application is still alive (hint-hint), and is still used by both of us to improve the libraries that it is using (JXLayer for Alex and Flamingo for me).

And a few product announcements as well:

  • The JPen project is a library for accessing pen/digitizer tablets and pointing devices.
  • Alex Ruiz has announced the release 0.7.0 of the FEST-Swing UI testing library.
  • Dave Gilbert has announced the bugfix release 1.0.8 of JFreeChart charting library.
  • Wolfgang Zitzelsberger has announced the release 2.6.0 of Synthetica look-and-feel. If you thought your favorite library was customizable, take a look at the customization documentation – with ten new client properties, this release has broken the 300 mark :)