Additional screenshots of Flamingo 3.0

November 15th, 2007

Carsten says in the comments to my previous posting:

all very nice and well, but from a business point of view right now the only interesting LnFs for me are Gtk and Windows XP. why are you missing both those two of all LnFs? makes me wonder…

Allow me to reiterate the last section in that entry:

i can go on and on with the screenshots, but you get the point. It can run under any core or third party look-and-feel without any special tricks in the application code and without writing any LAF-specific rendering

And to illustrate this, here are the components under Windows look-and-feel in Windows XP:

And the same components under GTK look-and-feel in Ubuntu 7.10:

As you can see, these look-and-feels are fully supported, including matching the fonts, desktop text rendering hints and dynamic layout that scales and adjusts with the font settings.