Flamingo component suite 3.0 – the teaser

November 13th, 2007

There hasn’t been a lot of new content on this blog over the past three weeks, and this entry is just to keep you in sync with what you can expect from the next development drop of the Flamingo component suite.

Here is a partial screenshot of the controls (ribbon, buttons and galleries) under the Metal / Ocean look and feel:

Here is the same component under Windows look and feel in Vista:

And under the Windows Classic look and feel:

What about Nimbus? Here it is:

What about the Looks family? Here it is under Looks Plastic XP:

And how about Synthetica? Here it is under Synthetica Blue Ice

and Synthetica Mauve Metallic:

And here it is under Pagosoft look and feel:

And here it is under Squareness look and feel:

OK, i can go on and on with the screenshots, but you get the point. It can run under any core or third party look-and-feel without any special tricks in the application code and without writing any LAF-specific rendering. Stay tuned for more over the next few days.