Swing links of the week: October 28, 2007

October 28th, 2007

Here are some Swing links that you might have missed during this week:

  • Geoffrey Wiseman shares an interesting tip on hiding a UI during the test running. In order to get the UI tests running on the continuous integration server, they needed to find a way to run in headless environment. While it appears that the solution works only on X server, it opens an intriguing array of possibilities which hopefully can be implemented in a cross-platform way in a general purpose UI test library such as Fest (by Alex Ruiz and Yvonne Wang Price). This would be useful in areas beyond testing. For example, most of the documentation screenshots for Substance (that show various themes, watermarks and skins applied to the same UI) are taken by a Robot-controled process. During this process (which takes a few minutes) i have to make sure that i don’t accidentally interact with the frames and dialogs that get captured so as not to interfere with the correct visuals. Can this process can be done in a headless mode with an approach similar to what Geoffrey is describing?
  • Davide Raccagni announced release 2.0 of his A03 look-and-feel (link a little slow to open because of embedded videos). A major change is that A03 now can run under JDK 5.0 (unlike the previous releases). In addition, it features a theming layer and has a few interesting visuals (such as decorated title pane gradients, progress bar fill pattern, rotated tabs on left and right placement and some others). Personally, i’m very happy to see that some code in A03 is based on the code from Substance (which is, in turn, based on some code from Looks, Quaqua and Xoetrope).
  • Elliott Hughes shares his frustration with the JTextPane implementation when it shows an HTML document. Starting from trying to prevent beeps on setText() API, he quickly gets into one of the biggest gaps in Swing as a modern UI toolkit (not mentioned in my previous rant) – support for HTML 4.0. Hasn’t it been eight years since it was finalized?