Look and feel related news

September 7th, 2007

This week is witnessing a more-than-usual level of activity in the look-and-feel department. In addition to my own announcement on the release 4.0 of Substance, there are a few other items.

The first is the announcement from Fred Lavigne (creator of the Skin look-and-feel) on the updates made to the Javootoo site. The new design is much better, and the navigation bar has been reworked as well. Not to mention that the screenshots and the blurbs on the various libraries have been updated to match the latest respective versions. Here’s how Substance page looks like:

Javootoo Substance section

The second announcement comes from Wolfgang Zitzelsberger of Javasoft on the new version of Synthetica look-and-feel. In addition to bugfixes and new client properties, it features a new WhiteVision theme (which uses color combination similar to the Substance Creme skin):

As with all the latest animated themes, this is available under commercial license only.

As a side item, Davide Raccagni has announced a minor release 1.1.1 of his A03 look-and-feel that comes with a version compatible with JDK 5.0. And if you wondered what is the meaning behind the name, go to that link for the explanation.

Update: just as i thought we were done for the week, Jasper posted an entry on Nimbus work in progress: