New article on Swing EDT violations

August 30th, 2007

There’s a new article that has been published today on titled Debugging Swing. It builds on the previous work by Scott Delap and Alex Potochkin to provide even more tools for tracing the EDT violations that can lead to visual artifacts, unresponsive or frozen UIs and infinite painting cycles.

If you’re interested in more articles on Swing, please post your suggestions in the comments. Specifically, i’m looking for the “everyday” problems that you’re facing in the regular business Swing applications. Note that an article scope is too small to talk about architecturing a Swing application, so try to keep it to a specific topic, such as auto-completion support on comboboxes or writing a custom component.

Thanks to Eamonn McManus for his help on JMX-related code and to Chris Adamson for the editing.