Adding some iPhone flavor to NetBeans 6.0

August 11th, 2007

Here is how you can add a little iPhone flavor to NetBeans 6.0 (click on the image to see full-size version)

NetBeans under iPhone skin - thumbnail

  1. Download the latest daily build of NetBeans 6.0
  2. Install NetBeans and change the NetBeans shortcut to have the -J-Dsubstancelaf.watermark.tobleed
  3. Download the latest dev build of Substance module for NetBeans
  4. Install the module in NetBeans and restart
  5. Download the iPhone wallpaper here
  6. Set the Business Black Steel skin in View -> Skins
  7. Set the image watermark in View -> Watermarks -> Image -> Select from local disk

You’re all set to brag to your fellow developers.