Advanced animations on SwingX components

July 17th, 2007

The “Support for SwingX components” series (parts i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii and viii) showed the the support for SwingX components in Substance look and feel, while the “Advanced animations on core Swing components” series (parts i, ii, iii and iv) showed the extensive enhancements to the animations done on the core Swing components. This entry shows the extended animations available on the JXMonthView component in the latest drop of the Substance SwingX plugin.

With the great help of Jan Haderka of SwingX project (see the progress on this issue), the JXMonthView now features complete rollover and selection animations which are fully consistent with animations on core JLists, JTrees and JTables. The first video shows different rollover and selection animations on a month view component under the Office Silver 2007 skin. Note how the animations respect different state-specific color schemes and alpha values.

The second video shows the same month view component under the dark Raven Graphite skin:

The last video shows the same month view component under the dark Magma skin. Note the rollover and selection animations are done on both the background and the foreground colors. Also note that the animations are done on the individual days as well as on the month view header (which now uses drop-shadow painting of the month / year strings):