When Vista crashed and took Omea Reader with it

June 21st, 2007

Yesterday was the first time Vista crashed on my laptop. No blue screen of death, though. Just a black screen with an underscore character. At that time i had a few programs running, including Firefox, Eclipse, WinCVS and Omea Reader. In addition, i was running the semi-automatic OS update process that was installing a Windows Defender upgrade and an optional upgrade for Intel drivers (i specifically chose that one out of curiousity). And then it crashed.

No biggie, right? Hit the restart, choose to boot normally, the OS comes alive and pops up a window with suggestions to address that crash (except that the window was empty)… Next, back to Omea to continue reading through the day’s feeds. What the [blip]? My feeds are gone.

Yes, gone. Gone as in try remembering them all, searching for them in Firefox and readding them one by one. Gone as are the excuses for forgetting your wife’s birthday. Gone as is the Sunday morning sleep after you have your first baby. But i digress. Mind, it’s not that i follow hundreds of feeds, but still. Even when the OS crashes, a program (especially from such a well-regarded vendor as JetBrains) shouldn’t end up with its settings wiped out. WinCVS hasn’t done this. Eclipse hasn’t done this. Firefox has kept all its settings and plugins. Perhaps it’s better that i use Eclipse and not IDEA then :)