Support for SwingX components – part II

June 19th, 2007

This is the second part in the ongoing series of providing support for SwingX components in Substance look and feel. The first part showed the support for JXTaskPaneContainer and JXTaskPane, and this part will show the support for JXStatusBar.

Much like the case with task panes, the UI delegate for status bar respects the header painter of the current skin, which results in a consistent and unique appearance “decoration” areas of the UI. Here is a screenshot of a frame with JXStatusBar (along with a menu bar and a toolbar) under Business skin:

The same frame under Business Black Steel skin:

The same frame under Mist Silver skin:

The same frame under Nebula skin:

The same frame under Nebula Brick Wall skin:

The same frame under dark Raven skin:

The same frame under dark Magma skin:

As you can see, the UI delegate for the JXStatusBar provides consistent appearance for the background, watermark and separator painting. Under skins with dark header (such as Business Black Steel above), the status bar is painted with the main active theme (to prevent clashes of dark foreground colors of status bar controls). In addition, note the resize grip in the right hand corner – which is not painted on maximized frames and on Mac (which paints the resize grip itself).