About Kirill

My name is Kirill Grouchnikov and I am a user interface engineer. I have been doing client side development professionally over the last decade or so, in a variety of UI toolkits and libraries that spanned Motif, MFC, VB, Ada, Delphi, Swing and SWT. I currently work at Google on the Android team.

I have a particular interest in creating polished, responsive and well behaving user-facing applications that help the end users achieve their goals quickly and painlessly. Pushing Pixels is where I write about my own explorations of this area.

You can also find me on Google+. My GitHub page contains the latest released sources, documentation and build scripts for a number of open-source projects for Java desktop applications that I worked on a few years ago. Those are no longer active. My old blog was on java.net. A trip down the memory lane will show you the list of my old articles and blog entries right here.

Conference presentations – Android

Conference presentations – others

Inactive open source projects

Major projects (historical snapshots hosted on GitHub):

  • Flamingo – ribbon component for Swing applications
  • Substance– a cross-platform look-and-feel for Swing applications. Includes
    • Plugin for SwingX components
    • Plugin for Flamingo components
  • Trident – animation library for Java applications. Includes
    • Onyx animation blueprints for Swing
    • Amber media trend analysis

Minor projects (historical snapshots hosted on GitHub):

  • Laf Plugin – support for third-party components in look-and-feel libraries
  • Laf Widget – support for common “feel” widgets in look-and-feel libraries
  • LightBeam – performance benchmark for Swing look-and-feel libraries
  • Rainbow – SVG file viewer that illustrates various animation, transition and translucency techniques.
  • BindMark – a comparative benchmark for Java XML binding frameworks and libraries
  • Checkers – a collection of Checkers games
  • Ixent – a framework for non-photorealistic rendering
  • JAXB Workshop – a collection of tools for JAXB 2.0 including Eclipse and IDEA plugins for XJC
  • Matrix rain – Matrix screensaver for Swing apps
  • Strider – ripple effects for Swing applications.
  • Trellis – a collection of Tetris-inspired games
  • XSOM – XML Schema Object Model (part of JAXB 2.0). I was a small-time contributor.