Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash


January 20th, 2021
Photo by Cameron Smith on Unsplash

In the last four years, this country has lived at the whim of an immoral, narcissistic, incompetent and corrupt con-man. An abject failure as a businessman, only surviving by the grace of the long-broken edges of our judicial system. A sinister ghost during his campaign that rode the winds of divisiveness and demonization of the “other” side. An unprepared, uninterested in and thoroughly unqualified for the job, he brought shame and utter disgrace to the highest public office in the land.

I am despondent about the unchecked descent into madness that we’ve witnessed during his term. I am proud that my home state of Georgia took a look at two politicians that decided to closely align themselves with his vitriolic rhetoric, and gently showed them the door.

His biggest transgression by far has been to aim to thoroughly destroy the most basic foundations of this democracy. To shatter people’s faith and trust in the fairness and integrity of our elections. I can only hope that every single excuse of a public servant that has supported that rhetoric will find themselves voted out of our institutions.